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Shits are no more limited for mens – they have evolved for womens too! With women's shirts, womens can add a touch of femininity in their regular clothing. These adaptable pieces can be dressed up throughout the day or even at the night.

Param Apparels acts as a leading womens shirt manufacturer & exporter in India. In our manufacturing unit, we craft all of our women shirts from natural fabric like cotton and linen. Naturally, both of the fabrics are breathable and durable. Both the fabrics have wide use in making eco-friendly garments around the world. In order to make spectacular women's shirts of exceptional quality and splendid style, our team of skilled designers chooses genuine raw materials, fabrics, and colours. Our fabric quality and stitching is much better than Bangladesh and China. We are a reputed womens shirt manufacturer & wholesaler in Kolkata.

As a reliable womens shirt manufacturer, we can provide shirts at a reasonable price without compromising with quality. Size of shirt, fit, custom printing or logo etc - all is the specifications that we can customise as per order. Private label apparel dealers can make use of our customisation facilities. Apparel traders, bulk buyers and clothing chain owners from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Japan, Australia etc countries can approach us for lucrative discounts against your bulk order.

Let’s have a look at our range of our Womens Shirts posted below -

Leading womens shirt manufacturer & exporter in Kolkata